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The Idea

is an organisation serving life sciences in the field of animal research international embedded in the existing local legal and administrative structures

After the official opening of the EARC on October  9th 2014 the facility is now ready to run in full pace. With a overall housing space exceeding 800 square meters and room for approximately 100 animals simultaneously the facility is the utmost modern and biggest of its sort in Hungary, if not in the whole european community.

The facility is located in the suburbial areas of Budapest approximately a 20 minutes drive from the biggest hub in Hungary, Budapest International Airport. It is located in a five minute walking distance to a five stars spa hotel. These factors make the facility easy accesible from all parts of the world.
Besides the infrastructure the Insitute at the same time has gained the full legal licensing for the treatment of various large animals. This includes minipigs, pigs, sheep, goats and dogs.

European Animal Research Center


Although being a fully private run company EARC has achieved an embedding in the structures of the scientific branch of the national hungarian ministery of agriculture and the company is a knowledged as licenesed animal research center as well it is associated with the Semmelweis University Budapest.

Within the structures of the organisation the EARC has access to an own continuos ethical board as well as to a scientific advisory board.

Besides the utmost modern housing and maintainance structures surgical partners can relay on a high standard basic surgical setting including not only drilling machines, suctions and devices for inhalation narcosis but also principal surgical instruments needed for treatment.


Through the long and continuos experience of the institutinal team a optimal support in technical and surgical questions is garanteed as well as an optimal postoperative maintenance of the animals by the carekeepers. If yo are interested in more detailed information please write an email to: earc@earc.hu

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a company with extensiv experience in the field of implementing animal studies.

At the same time EARC is implementing a histopathological laboratory in the same location.

EARC handles its facility according the European Standard for Biological evaluation of medical advices, EN ISO 10993-2:2006, and the principles in the standard are fulfilled.

EARC has recently applied for the accreditation by AAALAC (Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International), this will happen after finalisation of the the now scheduled new housing project.

EARC will be in charge of organizing the animal studies. EARC commits itself to purchase the laboratory animals, which are necessary for the studies, and to take care about the species-appropriate animal husbandry.

Therefore EARC guaranties the following:

§ 1: Purchase of the laboratory animals

Breeding, care for, transportation and work with the animals are handled according the local, national and international legislation, regulations and guidelines. All breeders are authorized corresponding to Art. 20 of the Directive 2010/63/EU and provides theire qualification on demand. All animals are bred for scientic purposes.

§ 2 Care and accommodation of the laboratory animals

2.1 The animals shall be accommodated in the animal facility of EARC.
2.2 A care keeper employed at EARC shall take care of the species-appropriate animal husbandry corresponding to Annex III of the Directive 2010/63/EU.
2.3 EARC shall make sure that the care and handling of the animals is in accordance with accepted principles of animal husbandry corresponding to Annex III of the Directive 2010/63/EU. In the care and handling of the animals any suffering or pain for the animals has to be avoided.

§ 3 Transportation of the laboratory animals

3.1 The transportation of the animals from the breeder to the animal facility shall take place in accordance to Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005.
3.2 The transporter shall be authorized corresponding to Art. 6 of the Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005.

§ 4: Housing facilities and animal care

Facilities for the housing and care of animals must provide a suitable environment to facilitate the expression of species-specific behaviours and to minimize stress induced behaviours. This can best be achieved through taking into account their physiological and ethological needs.

According to international standards the animals are provided with Housing in compatible pairs or groups.

An adequately environmentally controlled and complex environment, within which animals can exert an appropriate degree of control and choice.

Sufficient space to allow them, at minimum, to stand, stretch full length, turn around with ease and take a number of steps in order to exercise; except during brief periods when specific procedures may require restraint (e.g. for dosing and sampling or taking measurements). These procedures must be appropriately approved and documented.

European Animal Research Center

Appropriate environmental enrichment

Suitable flooring to enable species specific behaviours.
Ready access to fresh water and an appropriate diet in sufficient quantity, quality and with a composition that maintain full health and vigour.

An adequately environmentally controlled and complex

The facilities for the housing and care of animals provide a suitable environment to facilitate the expression of species-specific behaviours and to minimize stress induced behaviours for the animals held. The staff involved in the care and use of animals is trained and competent in the relevant procedures. The provision of training and level of competence attained is known for every staff member and documented.

The facility provides an veterinarian on a daily base to ensure the animal health and welfare.

Additionally he/she is responsible for all protocols, procedures, SOPs or guidelines pertaining to animal welfare at the facility.
EARC is inspected, on a regular basis, by an independent, qualified, veterinarian to verify that all protocols, procedures, SOPs or guidelines pertaining to animal welfare at the facility in question are compliant with applicable legislation, regulations and guidelines for the location .

Emergency care

The animal care takers are on duty each day, including weekends and holidays, both to safeguard the animals well being and to satisfy research requirements.



European Animal Research Center

2053 Herceghalom, Gesztenyés út 1.


Animal Price
Domestic Pig500€
Beagle Dog3500€
Other Prices
Operation room rent.*300€ / hour
Veterinarian500€ / day
(standard feeding)
12€ / animal / day
Animal Carekeeper3000€ / month
* Including nurses, animal keepers, standard medication for gen. Anesthesia, antibiotics have to be specified, surgical standard instruments are at hand.

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